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Frequently Asked Questions

No, our platform is absolutely free to use.
Unlike the influencers with mass followings we see on social media, micro-influencers represent everyday consumers who have a small but powerful influence. Becoming a micro-influencer on our platform is easy! actively participate in the campaigns, change your profile picture on WhatsApp and be rewarded for your online and offline support.
There is no specific requirement or followers for you to become a micro-influencer on Adzappr. Just have an active WhatsApp account and participate in as many campaigns you like to earn favorably!
Of course, the choice to participate in a campaign is entirely up to you.
Rest assured that we do not have access to personal data within your WhatsApp account.

Campaign Related

Activate your WhatsApp number by contacting us directly at 016 866 4775. Set up your profile, search for campaigns you want to participate in and you are good to go!
Make sure you upload the campaign creative onto your WhatsApp account and change your profile picture. Once verified, you will be able to earn rewards after completing the campaign period.
You are only required to upload and maintain the campaign creative as your profile picture for 24 hours, after joining a campaign
Any changes apart from the original advertisement will not be allowed under any circumstance.
Users are required to set their profile picture to ‘public’ when participating in an active campaign, our team will be validating your profile within the 24 hour period and will determine the success of your campaign participation
Irregardless of the campaign end date, you are still required to change your WhatsApp profile picture to the campaign creative for 24 hours
When you participate in a campaign, it will only last for 24 hours. If you wish to earn more from the same campaign, you are required to apply for the campaign once again and our team will validate the campaign from that date.

Payment Related

Go to your settings page on the app and look for the cash out form
You need a minimum of 50,000 zappr coins that is equivalent to RM50 to be eligible for cash out.
Once you decide to convert your rewards into cash, we will directly credit your earnings into your personal bank account. Only personal individual accounts are allowed, joint name/business accounts are not allowed.
No. Each time you cash out, you will have to manually fill in your bank details. If you noticed you have entered the wrong bank details, kindly WhatsApp our number directly or fill out the contact form.